Lightinstallation, silkscreen on glass 

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The connection between the philosophies about colour, about sound and about the existence of borders boils down to the difference between objective and subjective thinking, and that these concepts cannot be separated from each other. Through our perception we see a constantly changing reality in the exposure to electromagnetic and sound waves that constantly change frequency. Craque unleashes a confrontation of sensory perceptions, to make us reflect on the subjectivity of quantitative dogmas. It is a manifesto to look beyond quantitative ordering principles and embrace relativity, not only in physics, but also in political philosophy. A scientific and graphic quest, with the conclusion that in our world everything is relative (except light) and that the operational existence of a boundary should in no way be seen as a representation of reality.

Solo expo 9.11.2019 - 2.12.2019 @Zinnema, Anderlecht
November 2019